LED LIGHT HoverBoard  with Bluetooth

LED LIGHT HoverBoard with Bluetooth

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The electric self balancing scooter Electric Hoverboard is a really easy "legs" on mini Segway, with 10" size wheels which allows it to ride smoothly and steadily anywhere on the go! The E-board is mechanized by our powerful  hybrid battery which enables it to ride 30Km on a full charge. Some people even call it the SUV hoverboard.

Safety gear for the beginners is recommended .
* Bluetooth connectivity 
* Led Light 
* Original hybrid battery.
* 10 Inch Slim Wheel.
* Engine Safety Control System. 
* 20km range with full charge.
* Top speed of 12kmph.
* 90 Minutes to fully recharge.
* Lasts up to 2 weeks (or 300 hours) of battery life!
* Please review our Product for more details.
Packing: 1 * E-Board , 1 * Battery Charger, 1 *