Toddler Motors Jeep Gladiator 24V

Toddler Motors Jeep Gladiator 24V

Toddler Motors introducing this third generation of light-sensitive electronics assist in steering up and down slowly. Inferface/music/volume adjustment/power display/One key s tart/Light switch control. Has a 2.4G remote control, three speed reglation, four wheel shock absorber, rear wheel, large shock absorber, heightening chassis shrink metal pull rod, double door 12 battery. This is perfect for your rough, and even bigger kids to cruise anywhere in the park, neighborhood etc.

This Jeep is inspired by the Jeep Gladiator with a 12v motor equipped with large 14.6" wheel just like the real Jeep. It's the ultimate 2-seater ride that will put a smile on your kids face each time they ride it!Our Jeep comes with 2 rechargeable 12v battery with motors that can reach top speeds up to 12mph. 

It includes similar feature of the real Jeep Gladiator inclduing 2 Seperated seats, robust body kid, and big wheels for extra shock absorption and a fun sound system that will leave your kids in wow.


12 volt battery
parental Remote Control 
3 speeds; low speed 2mph, High speed 5mph
2 big seats
Music Functions, MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity
suitable for 3-10yrs old
Maximum Load: 120lbs
Continuous running time: 3 hours (Depend on kids weight and speed)