Toddler Motors Porche Cayenne S 12V

Toddler Motors Porche Cayenne S 12V

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This Luxurious Toddler Motors SUV is inspired by the classic Porsche Cayenne model. With a 12V motor equipped with large wheels just like the real Porsche, It's the ultimate 2 seater car that will put a smile on your child's face each time they ride it! The Porsche Cayenne comes with a rechargeable 12v battery with motors that can reach top speeds up to 6mph. It includes similar features of the real Cayenne including superior upgraded seats, robus body kid, upgraded wheels for extra shock absorption, and a premium sound system that will leave you child's in awe.

As parents, we know your child will love this car. This Toddlers Porsche Cayenne is a perfect gift for your child for any occassion. A true backyard outdoor driving experience that will make your child look forward to every outdoor play with all the quality features for a ride they will remmber. This product is suitable for kids 2-6 years old.


Licensed 12v Porsche Cayenne S ride on SUV
Select from speeds forward (2/4/6 mph)
Reverse just as easy
Can be driven by a child with the steering wheel or with remote by an adult
Seat belt
Bright Front and Read LED lights 
Music Functions, Aux cord, USB port, SD card
11" EVA/Noise REduction Wheels for a quiet operation
Push-Button Start, Horn, and Built In Tunes
Weight capacity of 90lbs
Age 2-6 years old
Color: Spray painted Balck/White for a realistic look
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